November 17, 2017


PlusValue was commissioned by an international urban regeneration specialist (the Client) to develop recommendations for maximising the potential social, economic, cultural, and environmental impacts that could be generated on a multi-use (recreation, sport, business, retail) site in London.

Our Added Value

To develop recommendations for our Client, we designed a bespoke impact framework for the project. Guided by our impact framework and in consultation with our Client, we organised an expert workshop by mobilising our network of thought-leaders in the field to explore and co-create innovative impact-generating recommendations. We tested and refined these recommendations through targeted desk research, expert feedback, and comparative benchmarking analysis of state-of-the-art case studies from around the world.


*Note: the specific details of this project are currently private and confidential.


We developed an innovative portfolio of impact-generating recommendations for our Client based on the core concept of Holistic Place-Making, and the 3 core themes of:

  1. Connecting Spaces and Communities
  2. Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Impact Measurement and Open Data


For each of the key recommendations in our portfolio, we specified:

  • The impact story – what impact are we trying to have here and why
  • The approach and actions – how can we create this impact in practice
  • The impact dimensions that could be addressed within our impact framework – what types of impact could this action make
  • The estimated potential impacts that could be generated – how much impact could this action have

Our full report was given to the Client in February 2016.