September 26, 2017

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Aligning public and private interests

PlusValue is a research and consultancy firm that provides original, bespoke solutions on how turning social costs into investments.

Social Impact Strategy

We provide advice on  on social impact strategy, impact mapping, stakeholders engagement, and impact assessment. We draw on a range of tools to analyse and identify social impact creation, including using bespoke indicators, data analysis, and social return on investment (SROI) tools. 


Impact Funding

We assist our clients in identifying impact investors and engage them to fund them or specific projects.  Our service includes engagement with investors already focused on social impact portfolios, as well as working with institutional investors to develop social impact funds.


Innovazione Sociale e finanza d’impatto: i motori del nuovo millennio

Roma, giovedì 14 dicembre 2017, ore 14.30

Camera dei Deputati Palazzo Montecitorio Sala Stampa

On. Palmieri, coordinatore Intergruppo Parlamentare per la Sussidiarietà, ospita la Presentazione del volume Visions and Trends of Social Innovation. Intervengono Filippo Addarii e Fiorenza Lipparini, fondatori di PlusValue e autori del volume; Nadia Boschi Head of Sustainability LendLease Italia, aggiudicatore gara Arexpo Milano; Riccarda Zezza, CEO Life Based Value – Maternity as a Master.



PlusValue partner of Lendlease for major Milan Arexpo project


Leading property and infrastructure group Lendlease has been awarded the first stage Consultancy Agreement for the Public - Private Partnership which will develop the site that hosted the 2015 World Expo in Milan, Italy.





Luisa De Amici co-authored with Petra Kralj Novak, Catherine Hughes and Igor Mozetic, 

 Exploring the Twitterland of the Impact Investing Market 

in the framework of the EU Dolfins project.

Fiorenza Lipparini and Filippo Addarii supported CSIL, Centre for Industrial Studies, Milan, in the publication of 

 Public Private Partnerships and Cohesion Policy

Research for REGI Committee 

requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Regional Development.


Fiorenza Lipparini and Filippo Addarii co-authored 

Vision and Trends of Social Innovation for Europe

a report for the European Commission.



Fiorenza Lipparini in partnership with HER, just published 


a network and sentimenti analysis of European's conversations about the future of internet


Filippo Addarii, Fiorenza Lipparini and Andrea Ruckstuhl co-authored

Social Outcome-based regeneration: a new vision for the renewal of our cities