What next for Digital Social Innovation?

Digital Social Innovation’s growth and place in the European social and policy sphere. In particular, it has the great potential to contribute to three of the most important challenges facing Europe today by reinventing:

  • Public services, often providing lower-cost models of addressing social needs.
  • Communities and how people live and collaborate together.
  • Business in ways that are better aligned with human needs.

On Tuesday May 16th, PlusValue’s Filippo Addarii will join an event hosted by NESTA and designed for policy makers, funders and practitioners to share how to make the most of the opportunities in digital social innovation through new approaches to funding, policy and partnerships with public services.

Themes to be discussed on the day include: lessons about growth and impact from the innovators themselves; building capacity in the non-profit sector to make the most of DSI; funding, investment and business models for DSI; and emerging city-based strategic approaches to DSI.

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