Research for REGI Committee – Public Private Partnerships and Cohesion Policy

The objective of this study is to describe the role of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Cohesion Policy. The study finds that the use of PPPs in Cohesion Policy has been limited and concentrated in a number of Member States and sectors, in spite of favourable regulatory changes. Evidence shows that PPPs are useful instruments to implement projects on time and on budget, but the assessment of outcomes over the long- term period is still limited and not conclusive.

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In the report, Filippo Addarii presented Treviso Hospital as a success study case.

The EIB provided a loan of EUR 29 million, backed by an EFSI guarantee, to Ospedal Grando S.p.A., a special vehicle company established for designing, constructing and operating the new Cittadella della Salute within the Ca’ Foncello Hospital in Treviso. Under this PPP contract, the local health authority, Azienda Unità Locale Socio Sanitaria n. 2 Marca Trevigiana, has granted a 21-year concession to Ospedal Grando. This is a social sector investment that was not eligible for financing under Veneto Region OP, although some components, particularly those related to energy efficiency, could have received ESIF support. This is also the first EFSI project where the benefits of lower EIB’s financing, as compared to commercial lenders, have been allocated in favour of social impact investments.