Beyond Social

PDF HERE – PlusValue Beyond Social

PlusValue’s effort in researching and analysing the whys and hows technology is impacting our world and can maximize social impact has produced a crucial amount of results and publications. In its work in IESI, REIsearch and in its latest Visions and Trends of Social Innovation for Europe, PlusValue has highlighted trends, opportunity and challenges to build the field.

This latest research was carried out in partnership with HER, who made available their cutting-edge technology to collect and analyse online data in 54 different languages via natural language processing, machine learning, pattern and named entity recognition and network and sentiment analysis to better understand what people express when they express about the impact that internet technologies will have on their lives, jobs and on society at large in the next future.

669.734 messages generated from 355.451 users, between November 10, 2016 and April 30, 2017.

It’s aim is to better understand stakeholders’ thoughts, expectations, desires, concerns, visions and imaginations based on their expressions when talking about internet technologies and their impact on our lives, societies and the economy.

Fiorenza Lipparini worked with Oriana Persico, Salvatore Iaconesi, Guido Romeo, Emanuele Rizzardi and Eugenio De Matteis.

We had great fun designing and discussing this piece of research, as well as lots of sleepless nights validating tons of data and browsing through network graphs to understand their meaning. We would be very happy to hear from everybody interested in these topics.