Scaling Innovation through PPP: The Treviso model as state-of-the-art

PlusValue’s innovative approach to Public Private Partnership (PPP) through investment in Treviso Hospital has been heralded as a practical example of the scalability of social innovation through a new type of coalition between social impact investors, the public and the private sector.

The white paper, Beyond the Equity-Efficiency Trade-Off: Practical Ideas for Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness in Europe, the published by the European Investment Bank and the World Economic Forum, urges European policymakers to place inclusion and equality at the heart of economic policy to boost growth and competitiveness. This call-to-action emphasises points also made in a 2015 article by PV’s Filippo Addarii and Fiorenza Lipparini, From Good to Growth, which indicated a strong need for a new economic paradigm in the face of the ongoing financial crisis. To achieve this objective, five dimensions have been identified against the background of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), where PV’s work with in Treviso (Italy), is highlighted as a case study for creating the right conditions for (digital) social innovation to flourish through the Ospedal Grando Impact Investing (OGII) fund.

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