Future of Social Innovation

European society is facing dramatic changes. Despite all its benefits, the innovation society is part of the problem. Social innovation can be part of the solution. Launched in 2010 within Europe2020, social innovation has spread in policy, practice, and research with increasing impact on the economy and society. In this paper we take stock of the main results – whether derived from European initiatives or not – and map the main opportunities and actions required to drive social innovation to the next phase and deliver for a better society. We offer a critical review of theory and illustrate the main trends affecting current and future developments with an array of examples and recommendations for the European Union and all other stakeholders to foster human-centred innovation, designed for and operating at the system level, and firmly embedded in the mainstream policy-making process.

Filippo Addarii and Fiorenza Lipparini just co-authored the report for the European Commission, find it here!

They will present the findings of the report at the conference of the European Commission on social innovation organised in Lisbon on 27 – 28 november. See http://ec.europa.eu/research/conferences/2017/era/index.cfm