The OpenMaker initiative is a pan-European project aiming to seed and accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution – driving the radical distribution, decentralisation and mass collaboration between manufacturers and makers. This initiative seeks to catalyse the ideation, discovery, design & prototyping of business models, production processes, products, and governance systems. The herald of the 4th industrial […]

Treviso Hospital

The public health infrastructure in many European cities is facing pressure to serve more people with fewer resources. In the city of Treviso, Italy, an innovative Public Private Partnership has been formed to build and operate a new 990-bed hospital. The consortium partnership is led by Finanza e Progetti – a company owned by Lendlease […]

Urban Regeneration 1

A London Borough is establishing one of the most ambitious and progressive regeneration projects in the world. The project will be a public-private partnership focusing on estate renewal, brownfield development, and socio-economic growth in the Borough. Our Added Value PlusValue worked with an international urban regeneration specialist (the Client) to develop recommendations for maximising the […]

ICT-Enabled Social Innovation Mapping

The European Commission’s Social Investment Package was launched in 2013 to encourage EU Member States to actively pursue social investment policies that modernise their welfare systems. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC Seville) in collaboration with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, is conducting a three-year research project to explore the nature […]

San Patrignano Sustainability Strategy & Implementation

San Patrignano is the one of the largest social enterprises in Italy. Its core service is drug and addiction rehabilitation, provided through a unique 3-year therapeutic programme based on education and community rehabilitation. For over 35 years, San Patrignano has welcomed young men and women with serious problems linked to drug addiction, completely free of […]


Europe is faced with great challenges that threaten citizens’ access to essential societal needs – rising chronic diseases, over-burdened welfare systems and declining public budgets, digital exclusion, unemployment and under-employment, stretched education systems, as well as depleting non-renewable energy resources, rising air pollution, and unnatural climate change. To facilitate the role of science in addressing […]

UAEU Science & Innovation Park

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) aims to become a sustainable post-oil economy by 2020. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and diversification are paramount to achieving these goals (. The United Arab Emirates University’s (UAEU) Science and Innovation Park (SIP) is positioning itself at the heart of a new knowledge-based ecosystem, helping to train the next generation of entrepreneurs, […]

Urban Regeneration 2

PlusValue was commissioned by an international urban regeneration specialist (the Client) to develop recommendations for maximising the potential social, economic, cultural, and environmental impacts that could be generated on a multi-use (recreation, sport, business, retail) site in London. Our Added Value To develop recommendations for our Client, we designed a bespoke impact framework for the […]

Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society

Following the 2007-2009 financial crisis, developed economies around the world have set about exploring fairer and more stable approaches to global finance. Within this context, the EU-funded DOLFINS (Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society) project addresses the global challenge of making the financial system better serve society. It does so by placing scientific evidence and […]