Opening up to an ERA of Social Innovation EU Conference

Jointly organised by the European Commission, the Portuguese Government and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Filippo Addarii and Fiorenza Lipparini to present their Manifesto for Social Innovation for Europe

The conference aims to boost social innovation in Europe because social innovation is a good, cost-effective way to advance inclusive and wealth-creating public policies, by developing a new narrative and giving this new narrative the means to take root, grow, blossom and bear fruit.

The event seeks to bring together world-class scientists in the area of social innovation, innovators, social entrepreneurs, civil society representatives, national and regional policy makers, municipal and city level actors, social innovation funders, philanthropists, venture capitalists, business angels, students, and politicians.

11.00 – 13.00 Grande Auditório

Session New trends in social innovation


    • Sir Ronald Cohen, Chairman of the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group
    • Madeleine Clarke, Chair European Venture Philanthropy Association
    • Geoff Mulgan, NESTA
    • Michael Kocher, General-Manager, Aga Khan Foundation
    • Karl H. Richter, Head of Research and Knowledge, UN Social Impact Fund
    • Filippo Addari, PlusValue
    • Josephine Goube, COO of Techfugees


  • Christine Ockrent

Filippo Addarii and Fiorenza Lipparini will present the study Vision and Trends of Social Innovation for Europe, commissioned by the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation), where they identified solutions and made recommendations for a revived social innovation agenda of the Union.

The new Social Innovation for future Europe requires above all a great deal of ambition and political capital to challenge the status quo. It’s a people-centered strategy, where cooperation is the key driver and social innovation the core of policy-making and political agenda.

Firstly, investing in people to reach their full potential is the best investment Europe can make. Secondly, complex forms of collaboration and interdependency are the foundations of the most successful economies. The priority is to build the infrastructure that enables new interactions and facilitates the consolidation of partnerships to achieve shared societal outcomes. Thirdly, it must be firmly anchored in European policy-making to address the social dimension of the Union.

… Our manifesto for a New European Social Innovation is not just theory. Technology is shaping our daily lives beyond full comprehension of its impact on wellbeing. Cities are the epicenter of such historical transformation and some projects in particular:  Google is piloting its vision of ‘building the city from the internet up’ in Toronto in which the digital dimension leads on all the other aspects of social life. Alibaba is building an Orwellian community based on peer policing and social rating in Hangzhou. Our manifesto presents another option that we have tested in Treviso and are about to implement at grand scale with the regeneration of Arexpo in Milan. This points to a different future: a new neighborhood centered on the needs and aspirations of its community. Urban planning, technology, and investments are at the service of social progress. This is the happy ending everybody expects from innovation.” Filippo Addarii.

Social innovation is about a world that you imagine, a world that you are proud to be living in

"When we spotted that 'societal impact', we thought: Wow, there is something serious there!" 

Filippo Addarii