Next Generation Internet Summit

The Next Generation Internet Summit will be held on June 6th and 7th 2017 in Brussels at the European Parliament.

The event follows a three-week-long public consultation on the Next Generation Internet, which aimed to query the citizens of Europe on topics related the future of the internet. The campaign was coordinated by PlusValue’s project REIsearch, a platform connecting citizens, researchers, and policymakers on topics linked to scientific research, with the overarching aim of helping to address societal challenges that Europe will face in the years to come. Some of the topics addressed are featured in Fig. 1.

The main objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Inform citizens about the threats and opportunities related to internet technologies’ developments in different areas, particularly in terms of their socio-economic impact potential;
  • Better understand what EU citizens think, feel, fear, and express about future internet technologies and their potential impact on the way we will live, work, and play over the next decade.

The media campaign, which ran for three weeks, was built around three main topics: (i) The economy, including businesses, employment, and skills; (ii) The public sphere, with a focus on how the rise of social media and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting how we access and use information; and (iii) Blurring the boundaries between offline and online/virtual worlds and the impact of internet technologies on our daily lives.

The results of the campaign were compiled in a written analysis, CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT AND MEDIA CAMPAIGN ON THE NEXT GENERATION INTERNET Analysis and results of the launch of REIsearch 2.0.

“This analysis allowed us to identify 12 unsolved challenges spanning across 4 areas for future research and action, which we believe will need to be addressed by policymakers and stakeholders in order to build a more inclusive, open and human-centred next generation internet.”

— Fiorenza Lipparini, Project Manager, REIsearch

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