Investing for Global Impact 2017

PlusValue was involved again this year in an annual report by GIST Initiatives that indicates that family offices and foundations are scaling up their impact investing, signalling that we may soon be reaching an inflection point as the sector moves from niche to mainstream.

This promising observation is the key conclusion from the Investing for Global Impact 2017 Report, the result of a broad survey and series of interviews of high-calibre family offices and foundations from around the world. The report is published by the Financial Times in partnership with GIST Initiatives and Barclays, with PlusValue being very engaged in increasing the active audience of the survey.

The global survey was conducted online from December 2016 to February 2017, attracting 246 respondents from 45 countries around the world, including single family offices, multi-family offices, and family-backed foundations.

This marks a 35% increase in respondents from the 2016 report. In addition, the Financial Times conducted a range of interviews with social entrepreneurs, practitioners and experts in philanthropy and impact investing.

Our “Investing for Global Impact” Reports showcase the positive link between how Families, Individuals and the ‘New Generation’ use their wealth and the well-being of our society and planet. As the leading knowledge platform, it is a resource to identify, highlight and monitor key trends in impact investing and philanthropy, as well as to support forward looking investors in their move to a socially responsible and holistic investment policy.

— Gamil de Chadarevian, Founder, GIST INITIATIVES Ltd.

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