Investment Opportunities with Social Impact: AON Seminar by Filippo Addarii

Impact investment is undergoing rapid and expanding growth as a sector, with the incoming generation of millennial investors describing social impact as being a priority for their investment decisions. PlusValue works to embed this social mindset into investment decisions across all sectors, from infrastructural investment with our flagship project Treviso Hospital, to investigating the value[…]

Re-Shaping Economic Systems: How to implement social innovation and social businesses

Filippo Addarii participated in a 2-day seminar on policy and strategy on 11-12 November 2016 as part of a longer seminar series Re-Shaping Economic Systems, hosted by Formazione Lavoro in partnership with the University of Trento. The aim of the seminar module is to teach participants to “analyze how organizations can develop and manage innovative[…]

Mapping and Analysis of ICT-enabled Social Innovation initiatives promoting social investment across the EU

Full article here. This report presents the results of the analysis of the consolidated mapping of ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives promoting social investment gathered as part of the research project entitled ‘ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the Implementation of the Social Investment Package’ (IESI). The dataset includes 613 initiatives inventoried over the course of the[…]

Social Entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans: State of Play

Full article here (pdf). Introduction Social enterprises (SEs) are businesses that combine the sale of products and/or services with achieving wider social, environmental, and community objectives. SE models are typically hybrid business forms – using a modification of commercial operations, such as sharing financial profits with co-owners, staff or other social ventures, paying above-market prices[…]